Back To The Wild

New day, New Year!

Today was our last full day at the elephant sanctuary so we made sure to take full advantage!

Following our usual 7 AM breakfast we split up into two groups one last time. The first group headed back out to the worksite to finish our work on the toilets, while the second group stayed behind to do maintenance work on the goose and chicken habitat.

After lunch we recombined and headed out into the forest with a heap of orange cloth. These orange cloths were blessed by Cambodian monks. According to Cambodian culture, if you cut down a tree with one of these blessed cloths tied around it you will be unlucky for the rest of your days :O  !  So what better way to protect a forest than to tie every single tree! Its amazing to see the forest transform into a sea of orange!

Next came time with the elephants. We trekked through the jungle until we reached the elephants watering hole and met Arun Ria and Kamlin with the Mahouts. We watched the two of them go about their elephant business until it was time to head back for their afternoon snack. We chopped up watermelon, papaya, and banana for a big elephant with an even bigger sweet tooth!

After dinner we watched a documentary about elephants and went out into the night to our farewell bon fire. Unfortunately we didn’t have marshmallows for s’mores but we did have a ukelele for campfire songs!

Tomorrow is our last morning before we head back to Siem Reap. Ahhh time flys!


John and Kate +19

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