Bath time!

Today we had a cracker of a day. First we cleaned up the elephant poo then were rewarded with an elephant walk through the jungle and a bath with the elephants to cool off.


The other group got to continue working hard on fixing the dam, creating a groovy assembly line and dancing to some funky tunes.

After lunch, both groups got together to visit the local school. After dividing into groups we taught English to children aged from 6 to 15. Once the lesson was over, we handed presents to the principle of the school and played games with the children.

When we returned, those elephants needed their daily feed! Getting up close and personal with the elephants has been such an surreal and gratifying experience.

As for me, I learned two things today, that I am not good at soccer (no surprise there), and that someone should really keep track of all the rice I eat, because it’s A LOT!

Peace out,


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