#blessed & Last day!

What a bittersweet way to end the week. It rained most of the day which was a nice break from the extreme heat and humidity. We planted a few more cart loads of trees in the large open field and had one last chance to bathe Arun Rai before we head home tomorrow.

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Once we were sufficiently muddy from bathing the elephant, we were given orange scarves to tie around trees in the forest. These scarves have been blessed by Buddhist monks, and once they are tied around a tree, it is considered sac religious to cut down that tree. Making this a great way to steer illegal loggers away from this area. The majority of Khmer people are practicing Buddhists, so no one would risk cutting down a blessed tree and having bad luck castes on them for the rest of their lives.

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After dinner, we watched one last movie on the elephants and their journey to get here. We then played games and bonded together as the storm trickled off. We will all be so sad to leave tomorrow, but we’ll be leaving with many shared memories of a beautiful place where each of us made a real difference!


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