Blessed walks.

This morning at Lek’s insistence (the founder and very inspirational leader of close to a dozen sanctuaries) we followed the two elephants as they trekked through the forest foraging for food and just generally being Elephants in the sanctuary. It was pretty cool to see just how they moved as they were walking through the forest.



In the afternoon after lunch we went out to wash Arun Rai one last time before we leave the sanctuary tomorrow. We were all given scarves blessed by Buddhist monks to tie around trees in the Sanctuary. The Cambodians are an extremely spiritual people and would never dream of cutting down a tree that has a scarf on it. To do so would incur bad karma for the rest of their lives, so we’re helping to preserve the forest for a long time to come.


Now finally at night after dinner and we were joined by a little over twenty volunteers from Cambodia who will pick up the work when we leave tomorrow we are sitting in the dining hall and watching the final videos on Elephants and the sanctuary. It includes how many cool abilities elephants have like being able to sense running water in their feet or remembering exactly where fruit is plentiful for them to eat. The other video goes into detail about the sanctuaries rangers and how they protect the forest while the final one is detailed in its explanation of how our two elephants came to be here.

It’s a really great way to end the week and although we have to skip the bonfire because the torrential monsoon rains have arrived we will spend the rest of the night sharing stories and having a few late night drinks to commemorate our time at the sanctuary the way it deserves.



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