Today was HOTTTT! We started the first half of the day by planting trees! We planted around 4 truckloads of young saplings that were previously planted by last years volunteers. It ended up being around 300+ trees!!

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After another tasty vegetarian lunch, we headed out for our walk to the bathing pond to scrub down Arun Rai one last time before we leave the sanctuary. It was so nice to cool off after the mid day heat. After cooling off, we were given orange scarves blessed by Cambodian Monks. We were lead to an area of the forest to tie these scarves around the trees, in hopes to ward off illegal loggers. Cutting down a tree that has been blessed is sacrilegious in the buddhist religion, and will bring a life time of bad luck. Each of the volunteers were able to bless around 2 or 3 trees of their own.

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Later, we came back to the Sanctuary to feed both the elephants and take a much needed shower. (Everyone stinks) We then joined the Cambodian rangers in a game of volleyball. They are very good..Much better than (the majority of) us, haha. After dinner, we watched one last documentary, and then sat around the bonfire playing games and talking about our favourite moments here in Cambodia. Tomorrow we head back to Siem Reap! We’re so sad to leave our new elephant friends, and of course all the dogs. I’m sure each of us will hold a special place in our hearts for this wonderful place 🙂



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