Blessing trees


Today we were all pretty slow to get out of bed yet no one was late which was good.
Today’s mission was to go to the boarder of the sanctuary and bless some trees with cloth that had been blessed by a monk.
This held prevent illegal logging as anyone who cuts down a tree blessed by a monk will have a lifetimes worth of bad luck.
Once we had all blessed some trees we went back to the sanctuary and started collecting banana trees to plant. It was hot work but we had fun with it singing alone to my music from my speaker and joking around as we got the work done.
Lunch came around quickly and with it the reward of shade and cold drinks.
After lunch we played a game called fortress which brought out everyone’s competitive side. Soon it was time to get back to work. So we jumped in the trucks and headed down to the local army base to dig up some banana trees that we would then plant at the sanctuary. It was beautiful all the work was in that shade of this huge ancient tree.
We loaded the trucks when arrived back it was time to cut up door for the elephants and feed them again.
It was beautiful but sad knowing this was one of the last times we would see the elephants.

After dinner we had a bonfire and sat around playing guitar and singing songs under the stars it was a perfect way to end the day.


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