Building & Battle Of The Balloons!

Hi Parents, Friends & Loved Ones,

We have more updates from the Elephant Sanctuary where they are still having some problems with the internet. Not to worry, this isn’t stopping the group from having a fantastic time!

Yesterday the volunteers spent the day at the local school immersing themselves in a construction project of building a new water tank for the students. This is really important so that the students and teachers have a regular supply of water.

Building a water tank is hard work, and the volunteers certainly kept themselves working hard by digging out the soil for the foundation and trying out their skills at bricklaying. After finishing this, the group then set to work at constructing a new structure for the next tank.

After a busy morning at the school, what better way to spend the afternoon than bathing the elephants 🙂 The volunteers thoroughly enjoyed getting in the water with the ellies and taking the opportunity to cool down themselves. This is always a much loved activity.

To finish off the day, the volunteers were challenged to a game of balloons. If you don’t know what it is, it involves tying balloons to your ankles and stomping on others balloons to pop them. It’s a great childhood party game, and as we are all kids at heart was a great way to spend the evening. The game certainly brought out everyone’s competitive streaks, and even the program coordinators at the sanctuary got involved in the battle of the balloons.

You’d think after all this excitement the group would be tired, but they decided to kick on with a dance off. What a great way to end the day.

Before we get into what is happening today, we would firstly like to wish our friend Christina a very Happy Birthday! 🙂 She will be celebrating her birthday at the Sanctuary with all of her new friends.

Today the volunteers have been busy working in groups to cut down more corn for the always hungry elephants 🙂 The group has also spent some time practicing their gardening skills as they assisted in taking care of the vegetable garden which is used as a source of food at the sanctuary.

It was then time for feeding the monkeys before engaging in a game of volleyball with the Army members that live on the reserve to protect it from poachers.

Tomorrow the volunteers will be heading into the jungle to go on a walk with the elephants, which they’re all very excited about.

Stay tuned for more updates…


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