Bunch of goofballs!


I think it’s safe to say that we have a bunch of goofs on this week’s program! We have gotten comfortable with each other very quickly, but that’s the best way to do it! Everyone has been really fun to get to know and the work goes by so much quicker when we’re all chatting and laughing.

This morning, we did more work on the fire break area, which is swiftly making its way around the entire jungle. While it is hard work and takes time, the work is very important in order to keep the trees and animals safe from any fires that may break out during this season. The other group did some weeding around the banana trees so that they can grow high and mighty. Plus, we need yummy bananas on our peanut butter toast in the morning.

DSC05844 DSC05847

This afternoon was the same as yesterday, but with the groups switched. The ones who helped build the toilets yesterday washed the elephants and vice versa. I went with the toilet group today to show what the project looks like. Plus, they really needed my expertise in brick laying ;). It’s actually a lot harder than it looks. Everyone got the hang of it really quickly though! We made our own cement too with regular sand, cement sand and water all mixed together with some elbow grease. The foundation is definitely coming together well though! Our goal is to finish it this week.DSC05853 DSC05852 DSC05851 DSC05849

We also had a competitive game of volleyball this afternoon before dinner with some of the military men and the guys from the sanctuary. Even though they don’t speak much english, we had a some great team bonding especially when I took a ball to the face. Overall, it was a good ol time once again 🙂

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