Bye bye beautiful forest :(

Today was a sad, sad day as it was our last day at the elephant sanctuary. We woke up and filled up with our last full on vegetarian breakfast. In the morning we headed into the forest and gave Kamlin one last sugary treat of watermelon and sugarcane. After everyone said our final goodbye to her (and our favorite mahouts!) we had the rest of the morning to pack our huts up. Most of everyone spent the rest of the morning in his or her hammocks before we ate lunch and hopped on a bus back to Siem Reap.

The afternoon in Siem Reap was full of last minute shopping and a stop at KFC for a few! After dinner we celebrated our last night out, as most of the volunteers will be leaving in the next 24 hours.

Tomorrow will be a day full of airport visits. You’ll be seeing your loved ones soon 😀


The last feeding 🙁


IMG_3477 IMG_3470 IMG_3463 IMG_3454

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