Cambodian Kids are ADORABLE!

Hey friends, it’s Ellen, Chris, and Catherine reporting to you live from the jungle! This morning we were glad to see each other alive and well after having some uninvited guests attempt to stay the night in our bungalows. By uninvited guests I mean a massive grasshopper and a friendly shoe-chewing rat.
At 8am we left the elephant sanctuary for a school in the village where we split into groups of 4 to teach kids of various ages in 6 classrooms. We were all as eager to meet them, as they were to meet us. We taught them to identify and spell out different classroom items, colors, body parts, emotions, and basic conversational phrases. They impressed us with their English knowledge. Our inability to pronounce their names was equally as hilarious to the children as it was to us.After class, we went outside to play games and the kids decked our hair with flowers. We were all unwilling to leave after spending 2 hours with them.

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We headed back for lunch and used that caloric goodness to weed the sugarcane garden. Also, a friendly tarantula decided it’d be a grand idea to crash the party. We also found amusement by playing shovel javelin in between weeding. At 3pm, we fed Arun Rai and Kamlin. This time, not only did Arun Rai chomp down on her own serving, she also stole a nibble from Kamlin’s food. Once again, we were covered in sweat and the refreshing cold bucket shower could not have been more welcome.

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After an amazing supper, we all went back to our various card games until we were joined by some the local conservation soldiers for an English lesson. We went through basic English, and we were all impressed at how eager they were to learn. Shout out to Kim Sen, the soldier we were paired up with, for being absolutely adorable and very sweet. And now we are just settling down for another round of Mafia, an awesome game to end an eventful day. We’re all excited to see what tomorrow brings, signing out for now. Goodnight!

Shout outs from Crystal to Mako, Rachel to Mariah, Ella to Nan, Fionn to Elly, and especially to our families. We love you guys and we’ll see you soon!

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