Chilled Day with Contruction Work, Elephants and Stormy!!!

Hi all Elephant Teams!

Today is the full working day for all of us that is such a surprising day that we are waiting for almost 3 days. We started breakfast at 7 am and then we took car to straight to build the Water Tank for one rural primary school which is about 5 Km from our staying place. On the way to the school we saw one lady fell down with her motor bike and threw a lot of catch fish and bar fish. We stopped and help her to collect of these back to her basket.



In the morning we helped to build the wall of water tank up by using the brick, some of us helped to mix the cement and some dug the dirt to fill up the hole in order to lay down the floor in order to put the big water tank. It was a bit hot sun for us but we keep doing it until we almost finished it. That such was a great day because we worked with the local people and most of students came out from their class to say HELLO to us.



Around 11 am we came back to have lunch at the elephant Sanctuary office. That was such a delicious meal for us because every time of meal is vegetarian food. This week we are the vegetarian. We have tried our best to save animals live as possible as we can. After we have took a rest for half hour, it was time for us to walk with Elephant Sanctuary’s staffs and Rangers who protect this park and also with Arun Reah and Kamlin “Elephanst” We have walked around 1 hour to reach the dam to feed and wash the elephants. It was an amazing time for us because it was a first time that we can jump to pond to wash and feed and touch them without scary anything. When jumped into the water some of us thought that water is a bit warm because it mixed with the Elephants ’pooppppp…hahhaha. We do love that smell…




A few minutes the stormy is coming to give us a bath in the jungle. Event it was a bit stormy in this afternoon, but we still worked to prepare the food for the elephants and it is time for Carly, Ryan and Nic to feed the cheeky monkeys today.



Alright, it is on time for dinner and watched Movie call “Internship”. Good Night Everyone!

See you tomorrow!