Chop Chop Choppin

We had a very successful first day at the sanctuary today! We split up the groups again and half went to chop lots and lots of sugar cane trees while the other continued work on the fire break. It’s a long continual process with all of these groups, but they are making so much progress and working so incredibly hard! I am very proud of what they’re accomplishing! DSC05811 DSC05817

After a relaxing and yummy lunch, one group got their first experience in washing the elephants while the others did some brick laying on the toilets! The elephant was very happy to meet everyone and showed her excitement by eagerly taking sugar cane from our hands and allowing us to have many water fights around her. The brick laying went very well too and they made a huge dent in building the foundation. Pictures to come tomorrow! Some people also went to feed the monkeys and one of them decided to groom me and Ashley. They managed to catch a picture of me, and it was a really funny moment. DSC05830 DSC05834 DSC05841DSC05822 DSC05825

Tonight we played heaps of fun games like spoons and heads up. There was so much laughter and yelling that we were afraid the elephants might want to join in. After all, they only sleep 4 hours a day. ;)There is a lot more to do tomorrow, but everyone seems to be loving the place so far!

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