Dam that’s hard work!

The first full day of work and we got right into it, at least we wanted to. After the tractor got some hasty repairs we loaded up the cart with rocks, cement, shovels, trowels, buckets and a few small items that I have no idea what their name is. All things that will help us repair the dam here at the sanctuary so in the future the Elephants will have a place to bath, even in the dry season and the excess water can be given to the locals for their household needs.


We got there and loaded up the rocks, mixed the cement and combined the two to reinforce the front of the dam. It was pretty hot but we still managed to steam roll through the work. Arun Rai came along to observe our work while she munched on some sugar canes.

DSC_0314 DSC_0331

Then we went back had an amazing lunch and at 1 pm we walked Arun Rai down to her small pond and got in. We threw buckets of water on her to wash her down, it quickly descended into a water fight between the volunteers but luckily we managed to wash her regardless.

DSC_0358 DSC_0365

We fed the elephants again at 4 pm. Arun Rai finished her food early and charged over to steal some of Kumlin’s but it was adorable in its own right.


Later in the afternoon a few of the volunteers got into an intense game of volleyball with the locals and we finished off the day with another phenomenal dinner.

Normally we watch a video in the evening but tonight Lek, the founder of over a dozen of these sanctuaries and a Thai and Cambodian celebrity in her own right is staying at this sanctuary. She’s invited a huge number of the locals to join her for dinner so we’ll have to catch up on the videos tomorrow night but it’s an amazing to get an inside look at how these places are run.

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