Day 2, and more Ele(fun)

Hi friends,

It’s has been a very long day at the elephant sanctuary, and all the volunteers are heading off to sleep. We had an early morning, with delicious vegetarian breakfast. Once we energized ourselves, we headed off to build a damn where the elephants can bathe and have mud showers in the intense heat.

We all came together for lunch, as we sang along to 2000’s top hits! Oh the good old days! Christina Aguilera, Brittney, and NSYNC were the popular choices for the day!

Once lunch was over, the fun did not end there. Teams went to do firebreaks, in order to prevent wildfire and keep the sanctuary safe from all types of danger. The volunteers then prepared the food for the elephants and had some time to feed them sugar cane. Today was a bit different, we FINALLY played a sport in which we could beat the locals in. VOLLEYBALL! We not only beat them, but we demolished them. Hehe this is me only raving about our win, because we never win (Now that I think about it, they might have let us win).

As for me, my butt is very bruised from fall on it various times trying to play volleyball. I looked a giraffe trying to hit a ball across a net, and it was not a pretty look…

Until next time,

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