Day 2 on the elephant project

Another positive, productive and peaceful day at the.elephant sanctuary. We went into the jungle accompanied by a pack of rescued.dogs, local armed forest rangers, local guides and, of course the rescued elephants. Our guides explained to us.the elephants important role in creating biodiversity of plants via their poop while also giving us the opportunity to eat some jungle fruits and collect Jack fruit tree bark and sweet basil leaves that we later made into tea.

Once we arrived at the ranger station we watched the elephants feed before jumping on the back of a utility truck that took us home for lunch.

After the amazing food we participated in planting bamboo trees in am attempt to both rejuvenate the forest and provide food for the elephants to naturally graze upon.

The monkey house also gained some more pillars cemented in by our hard working team.
During the evening we learnt more about the khmer language and culture During a lesson facilitated by a lovely, passionate and inspiring local, Chan.
I will post photos in the morning once my go pro has charged from all the snaps.
warm regards,

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