Day 8 – A sad farewell but a new adventure begins!

Today was our last day at the elephant sanctuary 🙁 we devoured breakfast which had pancakes! Yum! It was time to feed the elephants and start saying our goodbyes to these amazing creatures. Afterwards we were fuelled up for our walk to the dam that needed to be fixed and made bigger. Our conveyer belt was started up again and more sand bags were filled and placed on the dam and the centre filled in. More and more dirt! Everyone worked very hard and we finished the dam by mid morning. I’m very proud of the volunteers efforts!

It was back to base for lunch and to watch a video of our weeks efforts. Dino throughout the week had been filming our efforts and Daniel had been kind enough to roughly put together a movie for us to watch. It was inspiring to see what we had achieved in such a short amount of time.

We got one last opportunity to hang with the elephants before we left and then it was time to jump in the bus onwards to Siem Reap! We arrived at our accommodation, had a short walk to the supermarket for snacks then went on a walking tour of the city.

Our first stop was a pagoda in which many people come to pray and is main one in Siem Reap. We were blessed by the monks at the pagoda and headed on our way. The next stop was a temple in which the monks live. There were many elaborate tombs there as well as beautiful gardens and decorative displays. Onwards across the river to the art night market where I had to hold the girls back from spending their entire banks accounts! But we made it out and headed to the old market where a lot of the local food is sold. It is a good way for the volunteers to experience the culture and see how the people here live. There are no supermarkets with fridges and cash registers, it is all on display including meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. It can be overwhelming but definitely eye opening.

Finally it was time for dinner! We met Linda who is a young girl that makes an sells bracelets. She hustled many volunteers with her scissors paper rock game 😉 After dinner we went to watch some live acoustic music then headed for crepes and massages. It was a great night!

We are heading to the village tomorrow and that also means we are changing blogs over to the village immersion blog.

Good night and a good tomorrow!

~ Jess

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