Day Two: We’ve Arrived At The Elephant Sanctuary

Hi there Families, Friends & Loved Ones,

Just a quick update on the group out at the Elephant Sanctuary. They’re currently experiencing some problems with getting an internet connection at the moment, so we will be posting the blog on their behalf for the next few days, while our volunteers enjoy their new jungle surroundings.

The group were collected from their accommodation in Siem Reap yesterday morning, and transported out to the Elephant Sanctuary, which is approximately 2 hours out of Siem Reap.

Our volunteers were all extremely excited to get there so they could meet the resident Elephants…..The group did have to wait a little while, as first up it was time to settle into the bungalows – The group will be staying in bungalows (complete with mosquito nets to keep the bugs out) on site at the Elephant Sanctuary – Bring on the jungle experience!

Once everyone was settled in to their bungalows, stomachs were rumbling and a delicious vegetarian lunch was enjoyed. Next up was a tour of the Sanctuary to introduce the group to their home for the next week. Besides having elephants, the Elephant Sanctuary is also home to some very cheeky monkeys.

The moment all our volunteers were waiting for was finally here…it was time to meet the elephants! 🙂 The volunteers all had a wonderful time getting to know the elephants and made sure they took lots of photos – especially for Facebook profile shots 🙂

The volunteers were then involved in chopping up bananas and watermelon to feed to the elephants. This took a lot of chopping, as elephants can eat a lot!

After such a busy day, the volunteers enjoyed a vegetarian dinner before battling it out with some epic card games.

Stay tuned for more updates..


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