Day with children at school

Arun Sue Sdey (Good evening),

Today we went to a primary school to teach children aged 8-19 English and help them practice what they have learnt. We learnt each others nationalities, names and age. We also played a few games and sang a few songs. After the lesson we all went outside and played soccer with the children, it was a fun morning.
After lunch we all went to weed the garden to help the plants and trees grow bigger. And we also chased a few ducks (our friend Kevin got chased by a mama duck). Later on the group went to cut some fruit and sugar canes for one of the elephants. Once all the food was cut, we then took it over to the elephant (who was very hungry today) and took turns hugging the elephants trunk. After feeding the elephant we all had time to shower and freshen up ready for dinner. After dinner we watched a short film (pronounced FILUM) which showed us how the rangers help protect the jungle from the poachers. Now it is time to chill and have an early night ready for our last day at the sanctuary tomorrow :(!

Goodnight all!

(written by Jaky, Beth, Lauren and Joe)





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