Dig holes

Today we we got up at in the morning about at 6:30am it was freezing this morning since from the mid night. We don’t know why it was so colors like this some if our vols wearing jumpers . They laugh at me first time in Siem reap but now I laugh at them back 😂. Then we had a great breakfast, then we start working at 8am cleaning the elephants shelters, collecting banana tree and lifts which was elephant ate and take the elephants poos to put some where to make the fertilizer. It was great.

Then We had break about 30minutes then we went to take then tool for digging holes, we digging hole to make more elephants shelters in the future. The hole is about 50cm square and 80cm depth because we want to make sure that the encloser strong we gonna put the metal post then fill with cement and rock in the side the holes to make it strong. It was really but we made it, I am proud of you my team members.
The we had a great lunch and had about 1hour 30m, break. Then we had back to work again. We did firebreak, it meant that we try to collect all the dead leaves, along the ways a round the sanctuary because if the fire hepenen it will not come to the sanctuary.

Then we break after that we went it cut the banana tree for the elephants snack hehe.
Then feed the elephants at 4pm, it was really cool.

OK then finished we had a backets shower it was really cool and cold the water is cold I meant. Then had a great dinner. After that we watched the documentary about the elephants. The fee time playing cards… Good night.

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