duck duck goose

Even though we didn’t play the game duck duck goose, we were close! We instead cleaned out the goose pond this morning. It may sound gross, but it really wasn’t bad! We got to wear some good looking gum boots and toss buckets of water around the goose enclosures. We made a game out of it too. We tried to hit the geese with it and when we threw the water at them, they ran around and squawked like crazy. It made it really fun! We also made a ton of progress on the toilets! It got so high that they had to make a ladder to get them out. We did a lot of seeding this afternoon as well. We sat around making dragon fruit packets of fertilizer and planting the seeds in them. Jojo even found a little afternoon snack in the dirt ;). Hence, it was a great day for all! DSC05855 DSC05857DSC05860DSC05859

We ended the day with another competitive game of volleyball. It’s great playing with the guys and they get really into it even though we just want to play a casual game. We also taught them some more english tonight! It started off slow and everyone was a bit stuck on how to start, but once they got the hang of it, they were really jazzed about teaching! They are picking up so much english in just the few weeks we’ve been here. Afterwards, we had a very exciting game of charades. It was definitely a fun packed day! 🙂DSC05864

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