*please note: for this blog we allowed every single person in the group to write one sentence and join it together to form a semi coherent story

Blog Post
Today we woke up in the morning and ate fruit and nobody left pancakes for Gina. And she never let us forget it 🙁 God bless ‘MERICA.

Half the group went on the jungle walk and the other half did the fire break

Jungle walk:
On the jungle walk Lauren put on some sick old school tunes to jam along to during our nature experience. It soon became a karaoke session with Amanda, Lauren and sometimes Elaura singing along to entertain everyone.

Fire break:
To make the fire break we raked the dry leaf litter into piles on the edge of the forest and burned them to prevent fires spreading.
It allowed us to see the beautiful wildlife, including but not limited to, toads, poisonous centipedes, and deadly poisonous snakes. Raking leaves was fun and educational. We got a lesson in anatomy from Rameth as he showed us, with his amazing dance moves, “where he got his body from” while listening to PSY’s song Daddy.

After lunch we were back to our groups: one working the firebreak and the other off to bathe elephants! We bathed an elephant, which soon turned into a water fight between all of us. We even got to clean an elauraphant (AKA. Fearless Leader).

We drove to the store to get snacks later and Shari’s pizza hat flew off and her heart was broken forever. Elauraphant then deadlifted Shari while they were meant to be chopping grass for the smellephants. Dinner was gr8 and then we watched the jungle book and played cards and had a blast and a half

Ps. Special shout out to Lauren’s mum Karen.


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