Ele(FUN) Time!


Here we go!

We are all ready to get this party started! All the groups are ready to go to the elephant sanctuary tomorrow, but before we take off we had some relaxing time. Some of us learned about how the artisanal work here in Cambodia is created, and others went on a city bike ride that led them to the lake.

Tour with volunteers!

Artisanal Tour

Everyone also had the day to cool down for a bit after a week of activities back to back, as some of these volunteers went sun bathing and swam on rooftop pools! Pineapple shakes, splashes, and dashing smiles made for a great time today! They are all locals at this point and know their way around the city, but now we move into the sanctuary!!!

Pool time

Views from the top

“On top of the world!”

We are more than ready to help out and begin our volunteer work in these sanctuaries that do a tremendous job in rehabilitating creatures from horrible pasts. As for me, someone needs to seriously put me on a diet because I cannot stop eating all the delicious foods here!



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