Elephant Updates

Wednesday 2nd July and Thursday 3rd July:

Just a quick update as our group is still experiencing some problems with the internet out at the Sanctuary. Not to worry however, as everyone is still having a great time! 🙂

The groups have been split in two for the last few days as they take part in a variety of volunteering tasks. After spending time on the activities the groups then swap over so everyone gets a turn at taking part in everything.

For the past two days our volunteers have been very busy out at the local village school working on a project to build them a vegetable garden. This will allow the school to grow it’s own produce and provide a source of food.

The volunteers have also spent time cutting down corn to feed to the elephants. This is a big task as elephants have huge appetites! 🙂 Of course the group will get the enjoyable task of feeding all the chopped corn to the elephants later on.

In the afternoons, the volunteers have been alternating between bathing the elephants, which is a favourite activity and creating sandbags to repair the dam (which previous volunteers built) due to heavy rainfall that has damaged it.

After such busy days, the evenings have been spent relaxing, chatting, playing cards and watching movies & documentaries.

Stay tuned for more updates…





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