Elephant Updates

Hi Family, Friends & Loved Ones,

The internet out at the Elephant Sanctuary is not working at the moment and is why the blog hasn’t been updated the last few days. The good news is that everyone is ok and still having a great time! 🙂

– The internet should be getting fixed in the next day or so, so please keep checking in.

We spoke with the Team Leader on the phone today to touch base  about what’s been happening out at the Elephant Sanctuary.

The group was split in two today, and rotated between two tasks:

One group heading out the the Community School to engage in a construction project, building a much needed water catchment. While the other went out in to the jungle to cut down stock for the elephants, or ellie’s as we affectionately call them 🙂

After a busy morning the groups then swapped tasks, before everyone got to enjoy bathing the elephants. This is always popular as it’s a great opportunity to cool down 🙂


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