Elephants Sanctuary bound

An early bus journey was in store for us this morning. It was a two hour drive from Siem Reap to the elephant sanctuary. When we got here, we settled into our bungalows and received an orientation from Stan, one of the guys working here at the sanctuary. We enjoyed a great lunch consisting of vegetarian options only. A treat for all our vegetarians on program, but something everyone else is going to have to get used to for the next 4 days. We definitely have a few meat eaters on program!




In the afternoon we got to meet Aryu and Kamlin, the two elephants we will be working with this week. Seeing them come out of the forest for the first time was breath taking. These creatures are so beautiful and magnificent, it’s such a pleasure to be able to get so close to them. We prepared lunch for them which consisted of watermelon, pumpkin, sugarcane, bananas. We cut them all up and brought them to the elephants where each of us had a chance to feed them.



Later in the evening we played games before dinner and watched a short documentary about the elephant sanctuary founder, Lek. Lek is on a journey to educate elephant owners and trainers, while providing a safe haven for injured and abandoned elephants. We learned a lot this evening, and I’m sure we will learn even more over the next few days.


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