Ephalents, hephalumps and elefuffs

DSC05665DSC05669No matter how you say it, we have elephants! We are doing lots of work around the sanctuary and surrounding areas, but we definitely get some fun worked in with these beautiful creatures. We started by splitting the group up into two smaller groups. One group went to chop lots and lots of banana trees and sugar cane for the elephants. The other group went along the main road and raked along the ditch to make a fire break. Because it is the dry season, fires have the tendency to spark up and we need to protect it from destroying the acres of jungle within the sanctuary. We also met some really cute kids there who helped us rake a bit.

After lunch, we continued in our groups and one group went to bathe the elephants and the other went to start the foundation for the toilets. We are building toilets for the soldiers’ camp down the road because they are helping us protect the sanctuary and animals and they don’t have any toilets for 100 people there. It is really great work they are doing and very rewarding!

Bathing the elephants was a blast too! We had bucket water fights all afternoon and were right in the water with Arun Dia who is a gentile giant and loves to eat sugar cane! We also learned how to do a funny dance to the song Timber by Kesha tonight and plan on having a big dance off on Thursday! More to come this week!! 🙂 DSC05639 DSC05641 DSC05645 DSC05651

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