Farming and Nursery Families!!


Sua Sdei Everyone !! ( Hello Everyone).

Today was such a hard working day for our team at the elephant sanctuary. After we had vegetarian breakfast at 7 am we divided into two group one group Planted the vegetable such as corridor, chili, hot basil and tomato. All these kind of vegetables are our and monkeys food every day. They are natural vegetable, because we don’t us the chemistry substances to grow them. That is such a healthy food for us, event animals living here.




Farming Family!!

The other team went to the nursery farm to collect all the plastic bags. We need to take all these dirt out of the bags and re seed the new plants. That was such a hard work that we have never done before. Because worked here almost three hours by take the dirt out of bag and re arrange the plants here. In here we can play Frisbee by throwing the bags to the other one. That was such a great game.




Nursery Family!!

After we finished work hard in the morning we came and had lunch and some of us still have power they chatted and shared their experiences to each other. Sharing is the best culture that people should do in their entire lives. After lunch group nursery still kept doing their work in the farm by seeding the jackfruit and some trees and the farming group walked to the jungle with the elephants, rangers to the pond in order to elephant bathing. That was such a great experiences for us because we can bath to the elephant, wash their bodies, feed them in the water. We did not only take bath for elephants but we took the bath for ourselves with the elephant too.





In the afternoon we came back and prepared the food for elephants and monkeys in normal. Event we worked so hard in a whole day but we still show our power by playing the volleyball. We had more exercise by sport!!!




But we are so exhausted now. Emmm.. It is time to bed because it will have full day work tomorrow…
See you tomorrow!



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