fighters for the forest

Waking up this morning and realising its our last full day in the sanctuary is a bit of a sad thought, but everyone was wide awake and ready to start the day and of course dig more holes! First things first, breakfast!! Then we all headed over to the nursery to collect our new trees and head out into the jungle where we planted them.

Courtney, Morgan, Jamie and I all in our tractor taking our plants to the jungle.

We worked hard, in the heat, but managed to plant a whopping 400 trees today! I couldn’t believe it, this group is an incredible team, and they worked so hard and persevered to create a brand new forest. Digging the holes each day was tiring and felt exhausting, but they have managed to plant over 800 different trees in the past two days, and wow, I could not be anymore proud. It is an incredible effort!

Lupita, Kayla and Nikki working hard planting the trees.

Lupita working hard digging the holes, with her amazing new hat.

Morgan could plant these trees all day!

After we planted a brand new forest, we headed back for a much needed rest and a delicious lunch. Then we all headed back out to the open space to enjoy watching the elephants and just hanging out with them, and listening to all the sounds of the jungle! We then headed back before the beauty’s so we could prepare their dinner and feed them when they returned. It was our last time to feed them today, and it was just so special to be around them one last time and to just admire how they live.

Nikki feeding Di-Poh one last time

Makenna and Sarai-Mia

What a fantastic last day on the sanctuary, once we arrived back to the sanctuary we were all so exhausted, we had dinner together and all just relaxing on Lupita’s bungalow balcony talking about the fantastic week we have all had, and how much of an impact we have created on these elephants lives, and this sanctuary, the sustainable future.

Sweet dreams everybody!!