Final Friday :(

Today was our last day at the elephant sanctuary! We were all very sad to leave, not to mention it was also our last day all together. While we’re all excited to see our families and our homes, we will be devastated to leave his beautiful place and all these beautiful people!

This morning at breakfast, we were surprised by Lek herself! Lek is the incredible woman who founded the Save the Elephant Foundation, and works hard all over Asia to rescue elephants and other animals. She spoke to us about what she does and what she is working towards. We’d been watching her in documentaries all week so it was so incredible to hear her in person! We felt so lucky to get to meet her, but her visit was actually to treat Kamlin who was sick, and Arun Ria who had a sore. We were feeding the elephants while Lek was treating them so we got to see what she was doing – pineapple seemed to be the trick to getting them to cooperate! We had lots of photos and said goodbye to the beautiful elephants.

A bumpy 2 hour bus ride and we were back in Siem Reap! As soon as we got settled in our accommodation, we jumped at the opportunity to go and eat some meat. Did we mention that it was vegetarian at the sanctuary? We were desperate to eat meat after the 5 days without! We wandered through the day markets and bought bits and pieces that we didn’t get last week (not that we needed anything else, we all bought way too much!). We rushed back to say goodbye to Rachel who was leaving early and stressed with her when her bus was super late. We can’t believe we’re saying goodbye to everyone, we’ve all become like family!! This truly has been an amazing experience and one we will never forget. What we have done here has been a once in a lifetime opportunity that we are all so grateful for! We have to slowly say goodbye to everyone over the next day, and for those of us who are staying, there are plenty of markets to be explored and massages to be had!

Thank you to everyone from the ROV team, Rachel and Bun last week and our wonderful leader this week, ‘Chili,’ who did such an amazing job on his first week as a team leader! We will miss you all!!!

We hope you have enjoyed following the blog as much as we’ve enjoyed out time here. We have all become so close that it will be so hard to leave each other… but we know, its not “goodbye” it’s “see you soon”.

A shout out to Lauren who has been covering the blogs this week – what a wonderful job she has done, we appreciate the photos and the awesome stories!

If you want to continue to support the projects that Reach out Volunteers runs, we would greatly appreciate any contribution to the Reach Out volunteer Charity. 100% of all donations go into on-ground projects to continue to support these communities when volunteers aren’t around.

If you would like to make a donation, follow the link below.

Thank you so much for your support and you will be seeing your loved ones soon and, no doubt hearing all the stories too.

Azim, Chon Lee, Amy, Richard, Lauren, Chris, Sydney, Anthony, Lek, Sam, Monique, Samantha and Rachel say farewell from the elephant refuge!!10850517_10205477146193319_852360997_n
Elephant feeding time!10850831_10205477138873136_1686585242_n
Monique and Sam are packed and ready to go!10867100_10205477753168493_1953821050_n
Azim, Sydney, Samantha, Lauren Monique, Sam, Anthony and Rachel have a puppy cuddle to finish off their program!10872615_10205477150473426_1197047838_n
Another sad farewell photo!10877489_10205477753648505_1671086874_n
Azim, Samantha, Lauren, Monique, Anthony, Rachel, Amy, Sydney, Sam, and Richard can’t seem to let the puppies go!10877874_10205477752328472_176345434_n
Sam, Richard, Samantha and Rachel prepare the final elephant feast!

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