First day of 2018

To ring in the new year, we ventured to pub street for the countdown and the fireworks. This morning, with a minimal amount of sleep, we went on a bumpy bus ride adventure to the elephant sanctuary. The delicious vegetarian meal given to us upon arrival lifted our spirits and gave us the energy to clean our goose ponds, chop banana trees and sugar cane, and feed the beautiful elephants we had all been anxious to meet. The night concluded with a blessing that offered hope for a happy 2018. Written by Marry call Lizzie.

Today is New Years Day! Our volunteers kicked off 2018 with a 7:30AM breakfast after watching the New Years festivities and fireworks in the heart of Siem Reap a few hours earlier. After breakfast, our volunteers loaded a bus and set off for the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary (elephant sanctuary) located 2 hours north of Siem Reap. Upon arriving at the sanctuary our volunteers were greeted with a large lunch consisting of locally sourced vegetables and rice. As part of the sanctuary’s policy of not causing harm to animals, all meals at the sanctuary are vegetarian with an emphasis on sustainability and supporting local industries. After a break for our volunteers to get settled in their accommodations, we went to work cleaning out the ponds in the goose and duck enclosure. From there we broke off into two groups to cut up bananas and sugar cane for the elephants to eat. At 4PM we had the pleasure of feeding the elephants, it was an experience! Later in the evening we had a welcome ceremony where our volunteers were blessed by a local traditionalist. After the ceremony we had a delicious vegetarian dinner and watched a documentary on the history of the elephant sanctuary. We are now off to an early sleep to be ready for the morning. The elephant sanctuary is a beautiful place and we are looking forward to getting to work! Written by Tyler
Cut sugarcane for the elephants.

Cut Vanna for the elephants

Feeding elephants

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