First day with the elephants!

We took a two hour bus ride early this morning to make it to the elephant sanctuary. It was an easy ride with lots of sleeping and laughing combined. Once we arrived, they had a beautiful lunch waiting for us, which we all scarfed down quickly. We also met Chet, Say and Mix who are the leaders of the sanctuary and will be helping us throughout our time here. They are all really fun and cool and I know we will have a great week together.

After a bit of relaxing time in the common area, we were able to check into our bungalows. That’s right. Bungalows. We all have a little hut to go home to each night equipped with multicolored sheets and bug nets. They also have a hammock area out on the porch. They are so cute!! We got a nice tour of the sanctuary, met the monkeys and gibbons as well as the people working here and all the 7 puppies, 2 dogs and one cat. So many animals!

Finally, we got to meet the beautiful old lady elephants we will be spending time with this week! We chopped up sugar cane and banana trees for them as a snack and all got the opportunity to feed them. We were just in the jungle, feeding and patting the elephants in their natural habitat. It was such an amazing experience! Needless to say, it was the best first day here, and we are all so happy and excited to be here this entire week.

Unfortunately, I was so busy taking pictures and videos with one camera that I neglected to take photos with my own camera that I have the connector. And for that, I apologize, but I promise I will make up for it tomorrow with many many photos of everybody bathing with elephants. Till then 🙂

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