Frosty Thursday!

Last night was one of the coldest so far here at the sanctuary! We were all very thankful for our extra blankets. Breakfast featured yoghurt with fruit as well as deep fried bread which was very different!!

First up for the day was building another toilet! There are four all together being built by the volunteers for the rangers at the sanctuary. We were already professional brick layers from our previous experience, so we got straight into mixing the cement and laying down the bricks. In a few hours we managed to put some significant height on the walls (the toilets are a progressive project). After another delicious vegetarian meal filled with Asian flavours, some of us took the opportunity for a nap and some of us relaxed in the hammocks together. After lunch we were all very excited to start the afternoon activities! First of all we were tying blessed scarves to trees to stop them from being logged. The scarves had been blessed by monks and we tied them around the trunks because in Cambodia, to cut down a tree that has been blessed will bring you bad luck for life. The hike took us back to the watering hole where we bathed Arun Ria again! Bathing an elephant never gets old…it’s so cool!! She always knows exactly what to do and is so relaxed with people throwing water on her and scrubbing her. It was again, an amazing experience and lots of photos were taken! Soaking wet from bathing the elephant (because while bathing her we inevitably have a bath too), we came back and cut up the elephant’s food and had showers. Feeding the elephants is always a fun and entertaining experience! Arun Ria is always very cheeky and likes to take the fruit from Kamlin’s basket! Watching them eat is so fascinating!

Our daily volleyball game was extended today, we started by about 4 and also played a bit of badminton. We had another beautiful dinner, and our last one at the sanctuary (very sad!!!), and now we’re just relaxing and enjoying our last night together as a group!

ROV cemented into our hearts <310834034_10205471179124146_1776733369_n
Azim and Anthony showing how to lay bricks the cool way!10834058_10205471161403703_1646620368_nBeautiful bellas!10841196_10205471169883915_154065395_n
Sam, Samantha, Anthony, Richard, Rachel, Amy, and Lauren at bath time!10841509_10205471164563782_2015743982_n
Richard, Anthony and Sam at bath time!
Monique, Sam and Chon Lee show their muscles!10846915_10205471172803988_937833336_n
Sam and Lauren save the trees one blessed buddhist sash at a time! Keep up the good work girls!10850498_10205471175404053_1037373784_n
Sam has a hammock sleep!10850759_10205471178884140_5136826_n
Monique whip her hair back and forth!10850848_10205471166963842_894620386_n
Getting wet! Samantha, Anthony, Monique, and Chris throw buckets of water onto the elephant!10859432_10205471178084120_1353858189_n
Sydney, Samantha, Amy and Rachel show their brick laying skills!10872448_10205471164003768_1502084669_n
Group photo!!! Chon Lee, Rachel, Amy, Chris, Richard, Anthony, Azim, Sydney, Lauren, Sam, Monique and Samantha look fab!10872635_10205471162283725_1128858399_nCarrying the elephant food!