Fun in the Sun and at the School

Today we got to have a little bit of a sleep in. Some volunteers were very eager to take advantage of that! At 9 am, we headed to the local school for teaching, playing, and donating. IMG_3928
When we arrived at the school all the kids lined up in their grades, and said hello to us. They were certainly the most well behaved group of 450 kids we have ever seen!IMG_3866
The volunteers got to split up into 7 groups, and each were able to come up with their own lesson plan. Most taught the alphabet, English numbers, how to introduce themselves, and even short words. Everyone was super enthusiastic with the kids, and loved being able to chat with them. Fun classroom games were played like freeze dance, racing to pick out an English word, or even just challenging the kids to have English conversations. IMG_3868IMG_3872IMG_3877IMG_3881IMG_3887IMG_3888
After English class all the kids and volunteers gathered outside. Each child received one of the awesome packages the volunteers made earlier this week. Even some of the local kids who do not attend school got to take home a gift. The volunteers also did the “mackaraina”, the hokey pokey, and head-shoulders-knees-and-toes with all the kids in the school yard. It was certainly hard to say goodbye to all those smiling faces. IMG_3909IMG_3910
After lunch we got down to business. We all ventured out into the heat to plant trees along the outskirts of the conservation site. We packed up the pick up trucks with saplings and volunteers and took off down the road. Everyone took turns digging holes, lugging trees, and planting. Boy did we work fast to get out of that heat! You really learn to appreciate shade when you are out in the heat working. IMG_3941IMG_3942
And of course… it wouldn’t be a work day here without a photo shoot…IMG_3935
The volunteers are also getting the opportunity to participate in a documentary for the elephant sanctuary! All their hard work has been captured on film. And some even got the opportunity to be interviewed! Its so neat being able to be a major part of development out here at the sanctuary!

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