Garden and Geese Team!!

Full Day of Work!!
Hi, the Strong Elephant Team! Today is the full working day for all of us that is such a surprising day that we are waiting for almost 3 days. We started breakfast at 7 am and then we divided into two group, First group calls Garden Group and Second Group calls Geese House Group. After we divided into group we ready for working at the different sites.





The garden group need to lay out the brick to build the garden for the primary school calls “Orndong Bei Primary school (Three Well Water Pump Primary School). Some of us mixed the cement and the other took the brick to build the wall around the garden. After that we laid out the brick together and some of the students break out the time of their class come and help us that such a great community works in this community.
Geese’s house group also worked hard to build the shelter for the geese. We nailed, hammered make the wall and roof for the geese in the rainy season. Even it is rainy season in Cambodia now but in the day time is so hot. Even we got sweaty and smelly but we kept doing it almost finish





At 11: 30 am we had lunch and then took a rest about an hour, after we had a rest and took some nap, and then we switched the team Geese group went to build the garden at school and Garden Group walked to the jungle with Elephant Sanctuary’s staffs and Rangers who protect this park and also with Arun Reah (Elephant) We have walked around 1 hour to reach the dam to feed and wash the elephants. It was an amazing time for us because it was a first time that we can jump to pond to wash and feed and touch them without scary anything. When jumped into the water some of us thought that water is a bit warm because it mixed with the Elephants ’pooppppp…hahhaha. We do love that smell…






We walked into the jungle almost three hours and built the garden in the whole afternoon, but we still came and prepared the food for the elephants and the cheeky monkeys. All of these animals so amazing.




After we worked hard in a full day, we had yummy dinner and watched the Elephants documentary and Reach Out Volunteers great activities in this elephant sanctuary.



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