Goodbye Elephants

This is the final day at the Elephants and I don’t think any of us were ready to go. We had breakfast at the same time and then went to say goodbye to the Elephants one last time.


Yamaha is setting the new fashion trend.

This week has set so many things in motion for the future of this beautiful place. We have helped the Elephants get over their traumatic past through all the care we had given them this week.

We have started work on the dam, one that will ensure the Elephants have water deep enough so they will always have a place to take their daily bath.

We planted fruits and vegetables for the near future use of the Volunteers, Staff and Elephants.

We planted seeds in the nursery that will grow into small trees.

We used the small trees planted by previous groups to go out into the forest and help restore it to its former glory. A place that will become home to countless of these amazing creatures.

We used the blessed bits of cloth to protect the forest itself from the illegal loggers, so it will never again fall the way it once did.

Then finally we taught at the local school children and the local rangers. We taught them in the hopes that their knowledge of the Elephants, the surrounding forest and its preservation will rise enough that they can continue to grow the sanctuary, that has become a hub of the community, without our community.


Stan has his own way of saying goodbye (putting a frog down your shirt)


Then at last we got on the bus to head back to Siem Reap, plumping and our final night together.

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