Goodbye to the geckos.

Last morning in our cute little bungalows overlooking the elephants and sharing our rooms with many geckos and other cute little critters. The time has gone by so quick, but I think everyone is a little too excited for air-conditioning. We had a last breakfast altogether with the puppies and then headed out to say goodbye to the elephants!

Last day at the sanctuary as a big family.

After the goodbyes, we then cleaned their shelter for the last time and headed out to the jungle to go do a blessing ceremony with the trees. We drove for a while to an area that is protected by the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary, and stopped at one of the ranger huts. We all walked around and found the perfect trees to save. The way we save them is by tying these yellow scarves around the trunk that have been blessed by monks. The reason we tie these scarves around the tree is because in the Cambodian culture if you come across a blessed tree it means there is a spirit in there and if anyone cuts that down they are releasing a spirit that will harm them.

After the blessing ceremony, just hanging out at the ranger hut.

After the blessing ceremony we all enjoyed a last big lunch together and then headed on the bus back to Siem Reap. We had a little surprise when we arrived back though. Tuk-Tuks were waiting for all of us and took the whole group out to the village to go and see the finished house from the village project. It was absolutely incredible to see how much a group of volunteers can do in such a small amount of time, working as hard as they did, they were able to build a brand new house for a family that really needed it. We were greeted with homemade curry and bread, and all enjoyed eating with the family before heading back to Siem Reap to relax before dinner.

The whole group in front of the finished house

We all enjoyed a yummy dinner at altogether, and then went and did some shopping at the night markets and just had a nice night exploring Siem Reap. What a great day to be back in the city!