Green Thumbs

Wow, what an awesome day! We all woke up and had breakfast then headed to the nursery to collect 600 TREES! We formed conveyor belts with our hands and individually passed the trees over to fill up both trailers and the ute. Once we had grabbed all the trees we could, we headed through the jungle to where we were going to plant them. We whistled while we worked, and half the group picked up their hoes and were digging the holes while the rest of te group were getting down and dirty and planting each tree into their new home. It was so amazing to be able to plant so many trees in such a short amount of time, and everyone felt so exhilarated to have been apart of planting a new forest!

Maggie with her baby plant.

Jess planting her tree.

Alyssa and Megan helping plant the forest.

We all headed back and had a bit of free time, so a group decided to head into the puppy enclosure and walk the rest of the dogs who had not been walked yet.

The rest of us just hung back and played some crazy card games until lunch was served. After an awesome lunch once again, we split back into two groups and one group headed to hang out with the elephants, where they sit in the shelters and get up close and personal with them.

Jess with Arun-Rea

I went with the other group to the nursery and started planting little seeds so that they can grow and become more of the forest that we just planted this morning. We had a Disney playlist going on while we sung and chatted about a lot of different things, and it was so nice to just relax and sit while we were surrounded by so many beautiful new trees.

Once that was all completed, that group headed over to the elephant enclosure to prepare the food and feed the elephants one last time as we leave tomorrow. Leah and Rebecca still hadn’t met Di-Poh so they headed straight there while the rest of the group stayed back and fed Arun-Rea and Sarai-Mia.

Leah feeding Di-Poh one last time

Rebecca saying her goodbyes with bananas.

The other group headed over to the duck and geese pond and cleaned it all out again, as they hadn’t done it at the start of the week.

Amelia, Mark, Cyndie, Boyu and Parker headed to the shop for one last food run while the rest of the group stayed back and played some sweaty games of volleyball.

Once dinner had been served everyone just chilled and chatted around the tables, playing card games and just soaking up our last night together in the jungle.