Happy birthday Leo!

First things first, Happy Birthday Leo!! I’m so happy that he could spend it here having an amazing day with the elephants. Leo and his group all went for a jungle walk with the elephants this morning, and wow!! Was it beautiful!? Everything was so green, and it was surreal having these beautiful gentle giants walk behind us through what once was a beautiful home for them. We almost ran into the biggest spider I had ever seen too, which is saying something considering I’m from Australia. While we were walking them, we also noticed all the beautiful colored sashes that were wrapped around all the trees. These sashes save these trees from being cut down as they have been blessed by monks and therefore in the Cambodian culture it is very disrespectful to cut one down.
We went through the jungle until we got to a clearing with a hut and a three story tower. It was so nice to sit so close to the elephants and feed them, while they fanned us with their ears. We sat for a while just sitting and watching them, it was so peaceful.
We then headed back to the sanctuary for lunch and to meet up with the rest of the team.
After a delicious lunch, we split up into two groups again and I went with the construction group. Woweee, was that difficult. We had to mix cement to lay a floor in the hut close to the elephant shelter. Mixing cement here, is not like mixing cement back home. We had to shovel sand, and mix in the cement with shovels, add water, than rocks, and mix mix MIX! It was tough work and we were all so sweaty once we had done, but we ended up doing three quarters of the whole floor. They worked so hard which was absolutely incredible in this heat.
After the construction and the other group looking for seeds, a group of us went to learn more about the rescued monkeys while the other group fed the elephants.
The monkeys come from such sad pasts, and we are so lucky they have come here, to eventually be re released back into the wild. I even had one love me so much, he decided to give me lots of kisses and nibbles and groom my hair.
Everyone decided to head to the shop after all the hard work we did, and once everyone arrived back we all had dinner. Once dinner was over, a birthday cake came out and we all sang happy birthday to Leo!
After cake, we watched a documentary and played mafia for the rest of the time.
What a great day today! Can’t wait for tomorrow xx


Ana walking alongside the elephants in the jungle

The group sitting in the hut with the elephants

Davy, Lauren, Rachel and Bailey all mixing cement

Taylor laying the cement floor

Leo blowing out his birthday candles


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