Happy Birthday Maggie the Mermaid!

Our last day at the sanctuary and no one wants to leave! We all had breakfast together then collected our blessed scarves and headed out to take one last photo with Arun-Rea and Sarai-Mia. They walked behind everyone to where the photo would be taken, then they decided to take the lead and individually say goodbye to each person before the photo.

That was such a great experience to be so close to them, while saying goodbye, and then we were all ready to head out to the jungle to choose the trees we wanted to bless. The way we can peacefully fight the logging industry is by blessing these yellow scarves by monks, and taking them out to tie around trees. In these communities they believe that a piece of that spirit is now attached to each of these trees, and if they cut one down they will be cursed. So they avoid any blessed trees, which is amazing for us because we can save the jungle by choosing our tree to save. When we arrived, everyone scattered to choose their own trees, while Jess, Amy, Megan and I all decided to go full bush and find the biggest, oldest tree we could find to save it. We found one that was huge and full of ants (which we believe is incredible because it holds so much life) so we blessed that one. We even had extras scarves to bless the twin tree next door.

Megan and Amy with their blessed tree

We headed back to the sanctuary and said our last goodbyes. We went into the puppy enclosure and all cuddled the puppies for an hour, some of us went and said goodbye to the baby monkeys, and the rest of us finished packing our bags to be headed out just after lunch.

Lunch was served, and we all enjoyed our last meal together and jumped in the bus to leave. We said goodbye to the other volunteers and Jack and Lucie, and we were headed back to Siem Reap.

We arrived back into Siem Reap and all relaxed before heading to dinner to celebrate Maggie’s  birthday. It was such a nice night of laughs and funny stories and an amazing chocolate cake!