Hi everybody!!

First and foremost, I wish a very happy 19th birthday to one of our volunteers, Marianne!! Not many people can say they spent their birthday kissing elephants haha!

It’s been a very exciting day at the elephant sanctuary. This morning we split into two groups and these groups will flip flop throughout the week. Group one went out to the dam this morning to make it higher, so the elephants have deeper water to play and bathe in. The volunteers had almost completed the project when one of the elephants decided to stroll right through where we were working-it is THEIR bath after all 🙂 Group two stayed back at the camp and became expert farmers! They planted corn, jackfruit, and cleaned the duck/goose pond. VERY productive morning 🙂 After lunch group one got to bathe with Cameron, the elephant. When she was done grazing and eating all her watermelon, she wandered back into the forest and of course, because it’s so hot here, bath time turned into water fight time. I lasted about 2 minutes taking photos before everyone decided to gang up on me and soak their team leader. Cheeky volunteers. Group two spent their afternoon seeding. This somehow turned into a water fight as well haha! Soaked and exhausted, the volunteers all returned to the camp and started chopping fruit (watermelons, pumpkins, and bananas) for the elephants’ lunches. It’s just as amazing every time we see these incredible animals. Everyone got a chance to feed the elephants and give lots of kisses! 🙂 Tonight we’ll watch another documentary about the importance of volunteering with elephants and supporting these sanctuaries dedicated to their rescue and rehabilitation.

*No volunteers were harmed in the making of these photos 😉

**Get ready for a lot of photos…it was too hard to choose only a few!


Volunteers shown above: Bailey, Erin, Maci, Kristin, Emily, Femke, and Ashlynn


Volunteers shown above: Laura and Alexandria

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 4.04.06 PM

Volunteers shown above: Shannon and Jessica


Volunteers shown above: Emily, Kristin, Femke, Kendra, Bailey, Josh, Ilana, Maci, Erin, Samantha, and Ashlynn


Volunteers shown above: Erin, Kristin, Ashlynn, Bailey, Maci, and Femke


Volunteers shown above: Kendra, Josh, Emily, Erin, Samantha, Maci, Kristin, Femke, Bailey, Ashlynn, and Ilana

DSCN1364Volunteers shown above: Kendra


Volunteers shown above: Jessica and Shannon


Volunteers shown above: Bailey and Lindsay


Volunteers shown above: Rachel, Josh, Sarah, Ilana, Maci, Kristin, Laura, Kendra, Femke, Alexandria, Erin, Marianne, Shannon, Samantha, Emily, Ashlynn, Justine, Jessica, Bailey, Lindsay, and Madelaine.

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