Happy Hacking and Hoeing

Today was the day to get dirty, get sweaty, and get our work done!


Armed with our tools, ready to go!

We were set the task of clearing out the weeds and long grass that had grown in the Bamboo , Pineapple and Banana fields for the Elephants. With the determination and dedication I have come to expect from our great group everyone got straight to work on the various tasks. Hacking and Hoeing it seemed the weeds had met their match!


Brittney and Eve armed with their knives


Dynamic duo Lizzie and Saphron getting it done

As the day grew hotter it was time for a well deserved lunch. Curry on the menu, smiles on the faces and definitely time for a rest. Cards were played and naps were taken by a few tired friends.


Eve having a nap in the hammock

After lunch we were back into it, this time focussing on the Pineapple and Banana field. With games of 20 questions going on all afternoon while we were working the time flew by. Jason also found a new friend, a Tartantula in the field!


Might be eating you in a few days….

Come the end of the day everyone was ready for a nice shower, some good Cambodian food and an early night.

Catch you all tomorrow!



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