Hard labour day!

Today we woke up early again ready for a day of hard labour! We were very excited to see that we had toast and peanut butter for breakfast, a taste of home. Our first job for the day was raking hay and grasses from the side of the road to make a fire break. It was tough work in the sun and the heat! We raked 500m or so down the road but it felt like about 5km! We were very tired by the time we ventured back to the sanctuary and were glad for a hammock break! After a lunch that featured french fries (a rare find here), we left the park again to help build a toilet for the workers on the banana plantation where we take the trees for the elephants. We mixed cement and then layed some bricks. After this week and the last we can safely say that we are qualified painters, carpenters and now brick layers…the ultimate tradie!
Back again to cut up food and feed the elephants! We’re getting much more comfortable with our two beautiful girls and we love patting them and hand feeding them!

We all needed showers after our tough day and were happy to relax before our daily volleyball match.
Dinner consisted of our usual rice with various noodle and vegetable dishes, and tonight also featured fried bananas! Another very interesting documentary about how the elephants here, Arun Ria and Kamlin, were rescued and brought to the sanctuary. And in other exciting news, Richard had his first shower in 10 days!

Samantha, Amy, and Lauren enjoy the breeze and the sun!

Monique, Samantha and Amy get into brick laying!10841711_10205454507227359_1747281317_n
More action shots! Samantha, Amy, and Rachel!10846582_10205454506347337_1960231850_n
Hoeing up a storm with Monique, Amy, Richard, Anthony, Azim, Sydney, Chon Lee, Chris, Samantha, Rachel, Sam and Lauren!
Building higher and higher!10846863_10205454506067330_1146978391_n
Ploughing a field!
Elephant cuddles! Chon Lee, Amy, Monique, Anthony and Samantha!10866708_10205454508627394_1918264572_n
Amy Anthony and Rach enjoy some elephant bonding – Anthony a little too much!10866959_10205454506827349_1638432983_nRichard and Anthony mix some cement!

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