Head, Soldiers, Knees, and Toes… Knees and Toes

G’day All!

Wednesday brings up midway through our adventure at the Elephant Sanctuary. Our day began with a special breakfast. In addition to the usual fried rice, noodles, and toast was fried french toast filled with jam! This may not sound like the healthist addition to a balanced breakfast but it was delicious.

For the morning we split into our two groups. The group who bathed the elephants yesterday went off to build the toilets at the ranger camp while the other we to create a fire break along the edge of the sanctuary. The fire break is important because if a fire starts at the edge of the sanctuary it will likely spread throughout unless there is something to stop it.


Lay Dat Brick!


T’s excitement could not be contained!


Jane, MC (Master of Cement)


Kate MPa (Master of Pick Axe)


Kirra, MFb (Master of Fire Break)


Building the Fire Break

In the afternoon the fire break group took over the toilet work while everyone else went on to plant vegetables in the sanctuary gardens. Currently 25% of the food we eat here is grow right on the premises but the goal is make that 100%!


Brick is the foundation


Clayton knows his way around (Garden) hoe 


Georgia readies the garden


Anna planting the next generation of veggies

image image IMG_3564 IMG_3546

Of course we encountered our Elephant friends again after work. It never gets old to be so close to these animals.


Evie quit walking into my photos!


Thats better!


Tonight we got to know the soldiers that protect the forest. 10 of them joined up in our dining hall where we spent a fair portion of the evening teaching them english. It was a great exchange of language and culture. Over the past year of working with these soldiers I have seen their english go from absolute zero to conversational and its all because of the help of us as volunteers.


The Girls teaching their conservation soldiers

image image

Tomorrow we have some surprises in store so stay tuned!

Good night!

John R