HELLOOOOOO IT’S MEEEE…. Kenzie Your Team Leader!


Heya folks!

I’m Kenzie (aka Mack attack) and I am one of the three team leaders here in Cambodia for the next three months WOOHOO!!! I am originally from Colorado in the USA and enjoy making weird faces at strangers, 40 year old dad jokes and exploring developing countries with a fanny pack and a good pun!! I studied Cultural Entrepreneurship and Spanish at university and have decided to dedicate my career to helping people and animals in need… Yes I am one of those crazy animal lovers and will risk ring worm to pet the puppy.

I am SO excited to be working with the local villages, building up the communities as well as working with some of the most majestic animals in the world…. ELEPHANTS!! I mean come on… who doesn’t LOVE elephants? These elephants have been rescued from some horrible work conditions and as a volunteer you will be working with them everyday to rehabilitate them. We even get to bathe them!

We also get the opportunity to work directly with community schools and local families! We will be helping two village schools expand by building vital infrastructure for them as well as working directly with the teachers and students. I am incredibly passionate about making real change in these communities and am so excited to see what we can accomplish as a team!

So gear up everybody we’re about to have and AMAZING two weeks packed full of awesomeness!! I will be  at the airport in my Reach Out Volunteers shirt most likely dancing with my Reach Out sign awaiting your arrival!! I will also be keeping up with this blog every darn day so make sure you send it to EVERYBODY so they all know what an amazing time you’re having in Cambodia!!


Mack Attack



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