If you’re happy and you know it!

It was another fantastic day at the elephant sanctuary today! We continued our group work in the morning and afternoon with one group finishing off the fire break and the other raiding the weeds around the newly planted trees to also protect against the fire. Save the trees!

DSC05679 DSC05685DSC05682

It was a very pleasant temperature today and everyone was in a positive mood despite all the laughter, games, dancing and late evening last night. We have all been having a ball together, though so being tired never seems to get in our way of having fun.

In the afternoon, the other group who didn’t get a chance to bathe Arun Dia yesterday got their opportunity to hop in the water with her today. The water fights started even quicker today, and pretty soon everyone was chucking buckets of water at each other, the elephant, the mahouts and their trusty camera man (me). I joined in soon after getting some professional shots and definitely added to the chaos by throwing buckets every which way.

DSC05692 DSC05699 DSC05701DSC05702

Meanwhile, the other group met the soldiers at the camp and contributed their muscles to digging the new toilets once more. The conservation soldiers seem to really appreciate what we’re doing for them, and helps in building relationships for future expansion. Some of the volunteers got to feed the monkeys and gibbons today too! We also spent time with the puppies today, as we had some time to relax in the afternoon. A couple people also went and played volleyball with some of the soldiers, but since it was raining, it didn’t attract a huge audience. Tomorrow we plan on having more volleyball matches and a concert!

There are are more fun things in store for the remainder of the week, and I can already tell it’s going to be hard saying goodbye. I’ll get more pictures of everyone tomorrow, but I only stuck with one group today while Sophea (my fabulous assistant team leader) stayed with the other. Tomorrow we’ll be in the same areas within the sanctuary so it will be much easier for me to bounce around to groups to get pictures. ta for now! 🙂


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