Its Officially Day ONE!

Today was a fun filled day of education and travelling! The volunteers got to get into the groove of things by waking up for our typical 7am breakfast. Which seems to be a great cure for any jet lagged individuals. They then got to explore the Killing Fields and learn a whole lot.IMG_3739
Tuk tuks were used to transport the volunteers to and from the Killing Fields. Volunteers got to experience traditional Cambodian transportation and learned the real value in face masks. During the dry season travelling can be a little dusty, so face masks and glasses are worn to make travelling on motobikes or in tuk tuks a little easier.IMG_3737IMG_3736OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The Killing Fields is a historic site, and now genocide museum. The volunteers got to take an audio guided tour.The neat part about this guided tour is that for every station around the site, there is an accompanying audio track that explains the atrocities that happened in that exact spot. The volunteers got to hear survivor stories, explore the killing fields, and pay tribute to grave sites. A very touching, and very educational morning.IMG_3740
Following that, bags were packed and we were ready to start the next part of our two week adventure! We took a bus from Phnom Phen to Siem Reap (a short 7 hour journey). We entertained ourselves with riddles, jokes, and fun “camp style” games. It was really a great opportunity for all 23 enthusiastic volunteers to bond and socialize with one another. After having such fun on the bus, working together will surely be a blast! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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