It’s the end already?

DSC05782 DSC05789 DSC05797Wow. What a journey this has been! Today we said our goodbyes to the elephants and monkeys and headed back to Siem Reap. We got an opportunity to do last minute shopping, grab some ice cream and sing karaoke all night long. We have experienced so much together in the last two weeks. From the work and play activities such as the floating villages, waterfalls, building and planting, to late night campfires, hammock chats, games that lead us into epic laughing fits and dad jokes, we have become like a family. Even though it was a short two weeks, it feels like we’ve known each other for so much longer. Not only have they changed people’s lives and made an incredible difference; they have had a great time while they were at it! You all are amazing, and Cambodia will miss you. I hope you have enjoyed following the blog as much as I have enjoyed this special group.

If you want to continue to support the projects that Reach out Volunteers runs, we would greatly appreciate any contribution to the Reach Out volunteer Charity. 100% of all donations go into on-ground projects to continue to support these communities when volunteers aren’t around. This year we are helping build chimneys for houses in Peru to prevent from smoke inhalation that is leading to asthma and respiratory problems in children and adults.

If you would like to make a donation, follow the link below.

Thank you so much for your support and you will be seeing your loved ones soon and, no doubt hearing all the stories too.