Jungle feverrr

Hey guys, Jade and Sam here, the new team leaders for the elephant project. How exciting! The village project group, and the island project group joined together today to become a huge family, and we all couldn’t wait to head to the jungle after breakfast. We all finished packing and meeting each other and once everyone was ready, we were pumped to start our two hour bus journey.
Along the way, we all played two truths and a lie to pass the time. The stories that were thrown around were crazy. Some of them I couldn’t even believe were the truth. Being handcuffed to an Olympian, working with tigers, even eating bird poop, all truths if you can believe it.
We arrived to the sanctuary just in time to watch a quick orientation movie than had an amazing buffet style lunch. After lunch we all took an orientation walk around the grounds to see where everything is. While we were on the walk, some of the dogs had found a tiny kitten and they were attacking it. It wasn’t there fault as they weren’t used to anything like that being there, but it definitely frightened a few before we were able to grab it and rescue it.
Sondra and I took it upstairs and calmed it down, we have patched it up to the best of our abilities with Jack who is the guy who runs the dog sanctuary here, and tomorrow the vet should be out to check on the sweet baby.
After that eventful situation, the rest of the group played a couple of rounds of mafia and then it was time to feed the elephants.
We prepared the food by chopping up the sugarcane with machetes, and adding bananas into giant buckets to take down to where the elephants sleep at night.
It was so surreal to actually see the elephants so up close and personal and to feed them with our bare hands. They were so gentle and kind. Noone could wipe the smile off their faces!
Once the feeding was done, and the thousand photos were taken (mainly by me) we had some free time before dinner.
Half the group decided to head down to the volleyball court and play a game right in front of the elephants. It was such a great time, dancing to music, in the jungle, while playing volleyball. This is definitely the life!
We all made it back for dinner, and once again the food was DELICIOUS! I can’t wait to have so much more incredible dishes like that every day.
Since dinner we have all been just hanging out and playing different card games and getting to know each other. It’s been such a great day, and it’s so nice to just be sitting in the middle of the jungle, listening to the sounds of nature, and having a great time with an amazing bunch of people.
Until tomorrow,
Jade xx

    The whole gang on the way to the sanctuary

Vicki, Rachel, Angie and Sarah cutting sugarcane

Sarah feeding the elephant


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