Jungle girls!!! (and boy)

Sorry for the delay on a blog post. The jungle has limited internet, but here are the updates from yesterday 🙂 🙂

To the elephants! We said goodbye to the city early this morning and hello to the calm sounds of nature at the elephant sanctuary. We are out in the middle of the jungle, roughing it if you will. However, it is beautiful. We are staying in bungalows and eating delicious food. Not to mention all the hammock time we’re wracking up! After a brief orientation and tour of the grounds, meeting the moneys and learning about the sanctuary, we had some relaxation time. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Everyone seemed exhausted from the week, and a relaxing Sunday was exactly what was needed. This afternoon we met the elephants for the first time for a feeding fest. Boy was that exciting! They sauntered up to us and their bucket of treats and started munching away. We rotated turns giving Camlin her fruit but it was amazing to be standing out in the open jungle up close with these beautiful giants.IMG_8004IMG_8009IMG_8011IMG_8012

After dinner we watched a very informational documentary about elephant abuse in this part of the world and why it is important that people like these volunteers are here. We had a really nice conversation afterwards about the situation in Southeast Asia with elephants and it was great to get everyone involved in discussing it.IMG_8015IMG_8021

We also celebrated miss Rachel’s birthday early this evening with a cake and candles. We had to sneak the cake around her all morning while loading the bus and successfully slid it right under her nose. We hid it in one of the water bottle boxes and pretended like it was the box of drinks for the sanctuary. She had no idea! Then, we brought it out and surprised her with an early cake since we wanted to make sure it would keep fresh and delicious. There’s even more to come tomorrow with celebrations for her birthday! So exciting!! All the birthday pictures will be up today too!

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