Jungle sweet jungle

Hey everyone, I’m Jade and I’m out here in the jungle with a brand new group of great volunteers. I picked up our newest volunteer Nikki, and we joined the rest of the Village group this morning to make our way to the Wildlife Sanctuary. It wasn’t too long of a bus ride, only two hours, and in that time we sang along to some great tunes and got to know each other a bit more. When we arrived everyone was so excited to meet the pack of puppies that live with us on the land. Gigi and her son Alfie were waiting for us in the driveway, and the rest of the gang joined us later.

Aek is one of the live in caretakers of the land and he showed us a couple of dvd’s, one was about how to be safe around the elephants, and how to treat them with the upmost respect. The other was how they were rescued and some fun new facts a few of us didn’t know about them. Did you know that elephants can feel when there is a stream running underneath them, and depending on how deep it is, they stomp and dig with their feet so they can create a mini lake? Elephants are just so fascinating!

After the fun facts and questions, we had a bit of an orientation walk around our new home, and than enjoyed a delicious lunch together. After lunch and story telling we decided to get straight to work and clean out the Duck and Geese pond. It wasn’t too hard of a job, and the geese and ducks sure appreciated when they jumped in straight after.

The fun part came straight after, we all headed to the food preparation area after we took off our gumboots and started cutting up the sugar cane for the elephants food. It was so fun chopping it up and separating the food from the sugar cane seeds that we will eventually plant in different areas of the jungle. Once we had filled up the three buckets with the chopped up sugar cane and bananas, we all headed over to meet the Elephants. Morgan, Kayla and Lupita all headed over to the farthest area to meet with Di-Poh, while the rest of the group fed Arun-Rea and Sarai-Mia. They are just the sweetest girls, and love their bananas.

After the feeding frenzy, we played a little game of Volleyball, had showers, and all met to have dinner together. We played some riddles, but also played a few games of Mafia. I can not believe we had the same mafia members, three games in a row! Anyway, that’s us for the night, we all cant wait to get an early start in the morning for our jungle walk 🙂

Sweet Dreams everyone!

Cleaning the duck pond.

Cutting sugarcane for the elephants

Tommy feeding the elephant for the first time

Morgan, Kayla and Lupita all sharing their sugarcane.

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